The Perfect Substitute for Alcoholic Cocktails

No Compromise on Taste

Looking for an alcohol-free alternative that doesn't compromise on taste? Sir. James 101 drinks are the perfect solution. Our vision is to offer the best non-alcoholic beverages for those looking to enjoy a night out without the alcohol. Whether you're at home or in a bar or restaurant, we believe everyone deserves a great-tasting drink.

Alcohol Free

Natural spearmint & lime flavouring

Introducing our all-time favorite mocktail! It's a gold-medal winner that stands out with its unique green bottle. Using natural spearmint and lime flavors, we've crafted the best alcohol-free Mojito you'll ever taste. Our secret? We've added brown sugar for a full-bodied flavor that rivals the real thing. With a distinctive mint aroma and fresh, tingly taste, this Mojito is perfectly balanced and versatile. Try it today!

Gin Tonic
Alcohol Free

Natural juniper & lime flavouring

Introducing Sir. James 101's flagship: a perfect alcohol-free Gin Tonic! Crafted with natural flavors and extracts like juniper and lime, it boasts a refreshing citrus aroma and a soft bitter taste with hints of gin. And the sparkling finish provides a perfectly balanced aftertaste. Join the ranks of those who were fooled into thinking they were drinking the real deal!

Bitter Aperitif
Alcohol Free

Natural herbs flavouring and orange

Savor the zingy freshness of bitter orange in every sip of this alcohol-free spritz by Sir. James 101. Crafted with natural extracts of rosemary, sage, clove, and nutmeg, this sophisticated drink offers a tantalizing blend of flavors that will leave you wanting more. Enjoy the crisp, sparkling finish that perfectly complements its fresh aroma. Perfect for any occasion!

Pink Gin Tonic
Alcohol Free

Natural juniper flavourings and Raspberry aromas

Presenting Sir. James 101 Pink Gin Tonic - a seriously delicious drink perfect for any occasion. With a beautiful blossom pink color and a sensational taste of raspberry, pomegranate, and juniper berries, it's the perfect blend of refined herbs and red fruits like raspberries and red currants. And the best part? It's alcohol-free, so you can enjoy as many as you want and stay sober. With an elegant bubble and a light bitter finish, Sir. James 101 Pink Gin Tonic is the ultimate drink for a realistic moment of joy.